Thursday, June 10, 2010

Preparing for an Adventure

Hello Anyone who cares. In just 4 days I leave for a trip of a life time. I am going to Jerusalem for a 3 week class on the the geography of the Bible. It is bitter sweet for me as I am leaving my wife and sons behind, but I am getting to share this experience with my father. I will be updating my blog often with pictures and video. I hope you find this useful and interesting.

Sorry I have not updated this website in a while as I had an extremely draining semester. Septuagint Greek nearly ended me. I am glad that is over and I can now look towards this trip.

I will be staying at the Gloria Hotel for 3 weeks. It is by the Jaffa Gate just inside the Old City. The school I will be attending is called the Jerusalem University College (JUC) and overlooks the Valley of Gehenna. Below is a picture from one of the hotel rooms.

I had to complete a series of maps in preparation for this trip that tracked many of the events of the Old Testament. This exercise helped to unlock many of the OT stores.

As part of my class, I have to write reflections on my daily experiences. I will post these straight to this website. Please be praying for my family while I am away and for my safety.

Be Blessed - DC

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  1. I will be checking in! I am jealous of your trip. We will miss you in Columbus!