Friday, June 25, 2010

My Day as an Outcast

This day had a lot packed in. We were going to the Valley of Elah (David and Goliath), Lachish, Askelon (for some learning and swimming in the Mediterranean), and lastly onto Mizpah Ramon to spend the night.

As I noted earlier I had been struggling with "Herod's" Revenge and bus travel was somewhat treacherous for me. I was not able to do many of the sites. I had to stay by the bus and bathroom, and I had no energy to do anything. This was extremely difficult for me as I trained hard for this trip so that I would not miss anything. All morning and early afternoon I would try to keep up, but was ultimately not able and had to retreat to the bus or lay in the shade. I felt like a leper (OK that is hyperbolic, but it was difficult). The last place we stopped was at Ashkelon along the Mediterranean Sea where I once again had to lay in the shade. At Ashkelon I received His peace.

I did not get to explore this impressive ancient city. Instead I lay in shade and prayed. -

I prayed for my wife that she would continue to have the strength to endure with me gone. I thanked God for her and the strength she provides for me.

I prayed for my children that they would make the lives of each other and others richer as they have made my life richer. I thanked God for them and their endless energy and heart for Him.

I prayed for my parents and parents in law and thanked God for their loving support in our lives.

I prayed for my brothers and their families. I thanked God for the way they have loved me and accepted me. I prayed that my children would feel the same way about their brothers as I do about mine.

I prayed for the Watsons, Degoughs, and Dreyfus' as they wait on that phone call telling them to come get their children.

I prayed for the Boykins and the Davises as they enter into a dry and thirsty land.

I prayed for the myriad of people that I know are wanting to get pregnant. May God release this upon you.

I prayed for many others whose requests I know, but are too private to mention. I prayed that the Lord would provide what you need.

I needed this day. I needed this day badly. I am in a great place learning great things, but one of the true blessings of Christ is those that I get to live my life with. So on a day when I was missing some of the best educational teaching available, it was not a waste, because I prayed.

Lord may I never let the pursuit of knowledge of You get in the way of my life that is lived for You.

Below are two of the few pictures I got this day the first is from the Valley of Elah (I also got a smooth stone from the Valley) and the second is a picture of the Mediterranean Sea.

Be Blessed - DC

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  1. I am deeply touched by this post. Your prayers are felt.